Being a roadie for Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath with Dio

Black Sabbath with Dio

On one of their many tours, Dio and the band thought it would be great fun to strip the pants off their tours producer onstage and hoist him above the drum set. They made the harness and during the guitar solo Geezer, Dio, and Bill Ward dragged their producer out for a round of applause from the crowd.

When the producer waved to the crowd, they grabbed him and yanked his trousers to his knees while strapping him into the harness. As he was lifted above the band they kept hold of his pants and shorts, stripping him nude from the waist down.

During one song, Bill Ward noticed that producer was really red faced and may be passing out, so he stopped the tune and the guy was lowered, not wanting to give anyone a heart attack.

Once down, the promoter said he wasn’t passing out. He was just trying to take a dump on the band from above! “If I could have, I would have laid a steamer right onto the drums, you bastards!” he joked.

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